About Me

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I am Alan Charles
Hi there!
I have been a photographer in Trinidad and Tobago for over 5 years. My journey started in landscape photography, photographing the beaches/sunsets I loved. Eventually, friends started getting married and
families wanted memories. They didn't want to hire the typical wedding/portrait photographer. They just wanted to live their day, and have someone make it look incredible.

MY PHILOSOPHY THE BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY IS CANDID It's when you're being yourself and forget all about the camera. It's all of those in between moments. Not planned. Not posed. Just real moments captured in the most beautiful way possible

Facts about me:
Over 90% of my photoshoots are entirely candid.
I offer both photography and highlight film coverage as one person.
Couples often hire me for both photography and video.
I have an obsession with surfing and
I produce a youtube channel, showcasing local and global content.
Father to an Old Pitbull terrier named Chelsea.
Favourite places in the world:
London city, England. Lisbon, Portugal